When we improve education, we support future generations. Paige wants to provide students with all they need to flourish, including personal attention in class, access to meals, and funding for public school programs. We also need to provide for our teachers. Caring for our teachers is a way of advocating for our students — and no teacher should have to work two jobs. Let’s focus on the Texas education system so we can make life better for our children and the generations to come.

Legislative Goals

  • STAAR Reform — teach to the standard not the test

  • Keep public funds in public schools and increase transparency in private and charter schools

  • Create a long term plan to increase teacher pay and fund education

  • Push for smaller class sizes

  • Address teacher retirement issues

  • Provide free breakfast and lunch in schools statewide



Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. Ensuring that every Texan receives suitable medical care is vital, and it’s just as important that healthcare is affordable for all. No one should suffer because they don’t have the money to pay for healthcare. Furthermore, we need to ensure that hospitals have the equipment they need to actually save lives, including in rural areas. Healthcare should not be up for debate — every Texan deserves proper medical care.

Legislative Goals

  • Ensure more providers accept Medicaid

  • Guarantee every Texan has access to affordable healthcare

  • Ensure hospitals have the equipment they need to save lives

  • Provide access to affordable healthcare for rural Texans

  • Fight for every woman to have the right to govern her own body

  • Legalize the medical and recreational use and sales of cannabis


Working Families

Everyone should be paid a living wage. There are families in District 65 that are struggling to live, despite working long hours. Paige has seen firsthand how difficult it can be to provide for your family. She comes from a long line of working mothers and fathers, and as a single mother, she’s experienced this herself. When she was in the military, Paige lived below the poverty line and struggled to pay for basics like food, gas, and rent. Many families in District 65 are facing this reality today, and we are losing families to surrounding districts where homes are more affordable. When we support working families, we support our economy, and Paige wants to ensure that every Texan is paid a living wage and can care for their loved ones.

Legislative Goals

  • Create a plan to make housing in District 65 more affordable for families

  • Ensure Texans are paid living wages

  • Provide debt-free higher education

  • Make paid family leave a reality

  • Help working families tackle the cost of childcare

  • Help small businesses