SB406: Guns in Schools

Yesterday, Senate Bill 406 passed 28-3 and is now headed to the Texas State House for debate. In summary, the bill removes the mandate for school marshals to safely store their weapons in a lock box which increases the likelihood for more gun-related accidents to take place on school campuses.

Arming our teachers and school staff does not make our schools safer. Our amazing educators already go above and beyond for our young Texans. The idea of then asking them to fend off armed gunmen as well is too much.

As a Combat Veteran, I understand the complexity of an armed shooter situation and know that educators and staff should not be depended on as a first line of defense. As a mother, I am horrified by the idea of my two sons attending school with teachers and school staff who are armed with weapons.

We are failing our young citizens by avoiding the addressing of things that enable school shooters. As a former Lead for Moms Demand Action Denton County, I know real change takes work. It takes the work of implementing legislation that isn’t crafted to be reactive, but rather by passing laws so that we can be proactive. Instead of concluding guns in the hands of educators equals safer schools, our legislators should be working to create and pass laws that would make it harder for individuals who would seek to harm our children to obtain weapons.

The issue of school safety isn’t an issue that is red or blue, but it is an issue that every Texan should rally around and demand action. As your Representative, I would make the safety of all Texans a priority.