Paige Dixon for HD65

Dear friends,

Through the course of this campaign, we will be setting fundraising goals. Two of our biggest goals were VAN access (a hub that gives us the information we need to reach out to residents within our district and tell them about our movement) and funding to pay for our filing fees. I am so very happy to announce that within 24 hours of launching our campaign, we have raised enough to make those goals a reality. Our next goal is going to involve media outreach so we can get the word out about this campaign and what we are fighting for.

Yesterday, a supporter told me “I don’t have much to give but I gave you my coffee budget. Although I love coffee, I love the idea of a better Texas more.” Friends, no amount is too small and every amount is appreciated and used to effect change. Thank you so much for your investment. Together, let’s ensure the people of HD65 get a Representative that will work and fight for them.

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