NAACP: Woman of Courage Award

I believe long before you show up on the ballot, you should show up in your community. For me, getting out into my community and helping in any way I could was a natural fit. Someone recently told me people don’t care about what you’re going to do; they care about what you’ve done. I’m proud to say that the NAACP recently honored me with a “Woman of Courage” award because they recognized that showing up for my community is what I do.

Through my involvement with Meals on Wheels, I see firsthand the needs of our most vulnerable Texans. When funding to programs like Meals on Wheels is threatened, I’m under no illusions that there is not a need for these valuable programs. I have personally witnessed the gratitude of someone receiving a hot meal. I know that without these programs, they would go hungry.

Through the PTA, I see the funding gaps in our schools, how hard our educators work, how much our schools are overwhelmed and understaffed, how exhausted our students are from testing, and how desperate our teachers are to teach outside the box. I see the difference it makes when students are fueled by nutrition programs and the care taken to identify young Texans who may need extra help getting meals at home.

Through interacting with fantastic programs like Lewisville ISD’s Extended School Day, I see how necessary our after school programs are. Young Texans need that safe space until their guardians are off work. Most parents are putting in 12-14 hour work days, and without programs dedicated to keeping our young citizens safe and cared for, parents would face a terrible choice. With most daycare costs far outside the reach of working families, their choice would become working to provide for the family or the safety of their children.

I spent 15 years in the United States Army, over a decade of that as a non-commissioned officer learning to lead and understanding the components of leadership. There is no version of efficient leadership that doesn’t involve putting the needs of others before your own. Every leader should have a heart for service.

My name is Paige Dixon, and I’m running for Texas State Representative House District 65.

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