HB3: School Finance Reform

With House Bill 3 a School Finance Reform Bill being brought to a vote today I would like to take a moment and emphasize the importance of investing in education, in our young Texans, and in our educators. A good quality education does not just happen; it takes work, care, and investment.

As a state we should be intentional about ensuring every Texan is afforded the best education that we can provide. It has been proven over and over again that investing in education pays dividends back into our economy.

As a PTA President and mom to two school-age boys, I see first hand the gaps left by inadequate funding. Our educators should not have to work extra jobs to make ends meet and they should not worry that their retirement plans will be compromised or left inadequate to cover their pensions.

School districts should not have to pay millions into recapture (so-called “robin hood”) and be forced to make cuts to school safety, staff, and programs essential to its overall success. Tax payers should not have to fund Charter schools, when evidence supports students receive a better education and have better outcomes in public schools. Evidence also suggests that as charter/voucher schools have no transparency, and even though they could be funded by public dollars, Texans have no say in how their money is used.

So invest in candidates who will invest in our future, in our students: www.paigefortexas.com